Zac was raised in a family of music. Seeing The Grateful Dead for the first time at three months old and growing up side stage at Hot Tuna shows with his uncle, engineer Jason Greenberg, Zac was always interested in tonal creativity. Since starting his professional career Zac has played with many notable artists including Breanna Barnera, Nathan Xander, Casey Abrams, Joe Chamber, Brad Shepik, Barry Mitterhoff, Michael Falzarano. Primarily located in New York City and Los Angeles but also in multiple cross country tours and festivals including CMJ (2013, 2014), SXSW (2016) Independent Music Awards (Rattlesnake Hyde 2013), New Music Seminar (2014), Playing for Change (2012), and the Chinese theater. Zac has used his music to cross collaborate with every medium from sound to film to dance to smell and taste. Any project that activates multiple scenes. He’s done sound installations for festivals like Blink! Cincinnati and AYATANA. Dance work with Cincinnati Ballet, Sean Greene’s Shield Wall, and Charlotte Katherine and Co. Sound and music for multiple award winning feature films, short films, and web series. Art therapy with his 501c3 Musicians for Health through sound, dance, virtual reality, and more. Runs live sound for major NYC venues including the United Nations and artists as varied as Ween, Nails, Bob Weir, Jorma Kaukonen, and Marc Ribot. Zac has a recording studio in Lower East Side NYC, Taste Sound Studio, where he has produced over 30 projects from americana to classical, metal to indie. In 2018 Greenberg premiered his first opera, Bradburry Tattoos with Cincinnati chamber company concert:nova. Following is Zac’s discography, list of festivals and awards, as well as a collection of artists Zac has worked with.


ALBUMS WRITTER/PRODUCER/engineer/master/mix

Unexpected Journey
(Jazz Quintet)

The Power of Music produced by Musicians for Health (string quintet plus piano)

The Second Voyage
(Jazz Septet)


The Final Frontiersmen
(Outlaw Country)

The Night Travellers
(Concept Album)

Rattlesnake Hyde
(Voodoo Blues)


Young Set Club

Young Set Club, Metal World Piece (Metal)


Young Set Club, Really High Horse (lo-fi)

Burlap Macks (Outlaw Country)


Bow Down
(Found Sound)

Enter The Junkle (Live Jazz Quintet)

dead bro Fat Charlie and The Cheese Burgers (Indie)


dead bro Animal Style (Indie)

dead bro Fascista I-IV (Indie)

dead bro happy 4evr (Indie)


Yo Necesito Mucho Mucho Para Mis Todos (Metal)

Big Fun-Happy Scary (Recorded and Mastered) (Industrial)


ALBUMS WRITTER / PRODUCER / engineer / master / mix

Unexpected Journey
(Jazz Quintet)

The Power of Music produced by Musicians for Health (string quintet plus piano)

The Second Voyage
(Jazz Septet)


Additional Features:

+ Young Set Club (Indie/Metal) (To Be Released)
+ Love Album (To Be Released)
+ Healing Sounds (Therapeutic Music)
+ BNT BEATS (Electro Beats)





Pleasure Prince


The Milk Blossoms



Additional Features:

+ London O’Connor


RECORDING / Front of House

+ Hot Tuna
+ Jorma Kaukonen
+ John Hammond
+ Rachel Price
+ Jeff Pehrson
+ Jack Casady
+ Bob Weir
+ Jamie Saft
+ Jerry Granneli
+ HR (Bad Brains)
+ Wyclef Jean
+ Marc Ribot
+ Ceramic Dog
+ Dave Douglas
+ Marc Dresser
+ Jane Ira Bloom
+ Peter Epstein

+ Chris Speed
+ Briggan Krauss
+ Ride Eckert
+ Ben Goldberg
+ Ned Rothenberg
+ Andy Laster
+ Jeff Zeigler
+ Joe Chambers
+ Christian Kogel
+ J Anthony Granelli
+ Brad Jones
+ New Zion Trio
+ Ripe
+ Tangiers Blues Band
+ Dave Morello
+ Pete Levin Band
+ Warren Haynes

+ Ottile Berbridge
+ John Macenro
+ G.E. Smith
+ Berry Mitterhoff
+ Cyndy Cashdoller
+ Larry Cambell
+ Terrica Williams
+ Eric Krasno
+ Joe Morris
+ Trevor Dunn
+ Balazs Pandi
+ Nails
+ The Body
+ Pearl Charles
+ No Parents
+ The Mystery Lights
+ Wild Katz

+ Cakes da Killer
+ Danny Clinch
+ Girl Pool
+ Frankie Cosmos
+ Dreampanther
+ StaG
+ Night Talks
+ Fart Barf
+ Noah 23
+ Ween
+ The Hellacopters
+ Every Time I Die
+ Gold Finger
+ The Slackers
+ Ted Leo and The Pharmacists
+ Moonhooch



+ CMJ (2013, 2014)
+ SXSW (2016)
+ Independent Music Awards (Rattlesnake Hyde 2013)
+ New Music Seminar (2014)
+ Playing for Change (2012)
+ BLINK! (2017)
+ Bradbury Tattoos: an Opera (2018 – NEA Grant Funded)

Zac Greenberg | Music Master